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Faith on Fire

Faith on Fire

(Price of the book is $14.95. If you order 3 or more books, the price is only $10.00 per book.)

Saint Catherine of Siena said, “When we are whom we are called to be, we will set the world ablaze.” Now is the time for all Catholics to experience a deeper relationship with God and to grow in faith. Faith on Fire is a practical way to grow in understanding and knowledge of the Catholic faith, providing ideas for experiencing a rich spiritual life each day. It includes a thirty-day spiritual cleanse and a personal journal to assist the reader in developing habits that lead to a lifetime of virtues. This spiral-bound, 192-page book can be used as both a study guide and an action-packed Catholic resource that can lead someone who is new to the faith or just returning to it in the right direction toward a deeper relationship with God and His Church. It is also a great gift for families or parish members who can pray and follow the thirty days in community.

@ $14.95 ea.

Price of the 2-CD Set is $12.95. If you order 3 or more 2-CD Sets, the price is only $8.00 per 2-CD Set.

This 2-CD set includes content from the book Faith on Fire and additional examples of practical ways to grow in faith. For people who learn best from listening or for those who would like a complement to the Faith on Fire book, this CD is for you. Containing an audio teaching for each chapter, it’s ideal for use in a group setting or individually to motivate and inspire listeners into action. The CD also includes the songs “Faith on Fire” and “Adoration” sung by Marie Joseph and her daughter Alicia. Makes a great gift! 148 minutes (2.46 hours).

@ $12.95 ea.

Price of the Single CD is $9.95. If you order 3 or more Single CD's, the price is only $6 per Single CD.

Awake O Sleeper includes Marie Joseph’s testimony of how a cradle Catholic left the faith and then returned in a powerful way by the grace of God. Marie describes the signs of our times: a Catholic who did not know her faith and was asleep without being able to understand spiritual truth. Her suffering and tragedy brought her to a place where God could enter into her life, and her journey back to the Church represents the state of many Catholics today. This CD is perfect for anyone who wants the inside view of a dead Catholic’s journey back to faith or those who might be going through the same experience. It is filled with practical ideas for how the Body of Christ can be more welcoming and attentive to those who God calls to return to His Church. The CD also include seven songs of praise to God sung by Marie’s daughter Alicia Joseph: “Faith on Fire,” “Adoration,” “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” “Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing),” “You Are My King (Amazing Love),” “Draw Me Close to You,” and “Shout to the Lord.” Whether you are just coming back to your faith or have been walking with God for a while, you will enjoy these songs.

@ $9.95 ea.

Price of the package is $27.95.

Buy the package of all 3 items and get the single CD free! Package includes: 1 Faith on Fire Book, 1 Faith on Fire 2-CD Set, 1 Faith on Fire Single CD.

@ $27.95 ea.